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Z Sofron, Wolf Hollow Assistant Director is pictured here with Nina.      Photo by Louise Benotti

Wolf Hollow was founded in 1988 by the late Paul C. Soffron, with the mission of preservation of the wolf in the wild through education and exposure.

Visitors are welcome at Wolf Hollow, where they meet the resident wolves and learn the importance of the wolf in the wild as top predator. By observing how a wolf pack functions, visitors learn how wolves are a benefit to the environment around them and ultimately to us as humans because of the many parallels to our own families.  Wolves are still very much a threatened species and visitors will learn what can be done to help alleviate the threat.

Wolf Hollow is fully licensed by the State of Massachusetts and the federal government as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We support our work solely through our admission,  gift shop sales, adopt-a-wolf program and donations. 

Our pack of British Colombian timber wolves started with five pups donated by other facilities in the United States.  The original five were from three different litters so that a family could be started at the facility.

Visitors have the opportunity to view the wolf hollow pack while a one hour educational lecture is presented.  The recommended age for this program is five years and up. While learning about how the wolf lives in a family group, its role in nature, its history with man, and the fight to preserve their species in the wild, visitors observe the wolves interacting with their pack-mates at close range.

All visitors are invited to howl with the wolves at the end of each presentation. 

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