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The Volunteers

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As a non-profit education facility, we rely heavily on the generosity of our volunteers. Their enthusiasm and dedication has allowed Wolf Hollow to grow and prosper over the past ten years. Without their help,  we would be unable to reach the 30,000 visitors who come to learn about the wolves each year. We are always looking for more help throughout the year.

Wolf Hollow is open to the public during weekends, and groups of twenty people or more by reservation visit during the week. Our biggest demands for volunteers occur during the weekends, particularly during the summer months.

Volunteers must be eighteen years or older.  Responsibilities include directing parking,  selling tickets and merchandise in the gift shop,  and general management of the public before, during and after presentations.

Volunteers have limited contact with the wolves.  In the past,  volunteers have assisted in the hand-raising and socializing of pups to people during the pups' first few months of life.   After a training period volunteers are able to personally interact with selected wolves.


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